Projects using Balustrading

We have had the opportunity to work on several large projects where balustrading has been used to define an area.

In South West France (first 2 photos) the balustrading was used to form a terrace set above the pool.  It marks a clearly defined ‘dry’ area but creates the feeling of space and light so you can see through the balusters to the pool and view beyond.  The third photo shows the Pergolas 12 years on from when they were first installed.

In Louth we were asked to create an enclosed feeling around an existing patio area, making it suitable for entertaining large and small parties.  See photo 3 of ‘Before’ and how we used a mix of straight balustrading to define the area with a section of curved balustrading to lead out to the Longleat Urn as a focal point (photos 4 and 5), the next photo shows the area 15 years after installation.

The Hever balustrade orginates from Hever CAstle in Kent and reproduces to make a beautiful statement, here it is shown in a walled garden.

Whether you are working in a large landscape or a small garden the use of balustrading can create a feeling of enclosure and privacy.  It can mark a change in heights and levels, be used beside steps as a rail or as a safety measure on top of a drop. If you have a project and would like to discuss it further with a site visit please call Caroline Pilkington on 086 4517508.

Technical Information

Chilstone have an extensive range of balustrading in classical, traditional and contemporary styles and sizes to suit all installations.  Balusters are reinforced with a stainless steel rod throughout their length, for added strength and structural integrity. The rod projects top and bottom to act as a pin.  As every requirement is different we can quote once we know full measurements or following a site visit.

For different designs and sizes see here:

For prices, advice and information please contact Simonstown Architectural here or for the full range of Chilstone architectural elements see or the Fastrack CAD Database

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