Fountains are very easy to incorporate into any garden design and to install  - although large fountains will need more technical knowledge and construction from experts! Most fountains operate without a water supply, all is needed is an electric feed for a pump and possibly a light for showing it off at night.  The pump is placed in the pool or water reservoir and pumps the water out through the outlets.  A free standing fountain can be placed in a pool or on a grid on top of a sump or bucket that can be sunk into the ground - suitable for small gardens or where children are around.   A wall fountain flowing into a shallow pool or other receptacle is ideal for small gardens.  

The noise of water flowing is not only very soothing but it also detracts the ear from other noises.  So a fountain in a small urban garden will take the focus away from city sounds of traffic noise.  We sell fountains to suit gardens large and small with a mix of classical and contemporary designs. Our pieces are entirely handmade with a finish identical to carved stone that will weather naturally over time.

Small Fountains - ideal for urban or courtyard gardens

The Northampton Fountain can sit in a small pool or on a grill over a sump or bucket, the pump is placed in the sump and pumps water out of the top of the fountain into the bowl where it then flows over the bowl and back into the pool.  The Richmond Fountain works in the same way and echoes the design of the popular Kew Fountain.   The Lions Mask fountain head is fixed into a wall and the water is pumped from the pool or resevoir, up behind the wall and comes out through the lion’s mouth. 

Prices for small fountains start at €700 for the stone fountain.

Medium Sized Fountains

The classical and elegant Kew Fountain is one of the most popular.  Suitable for medium and large gardens it needs a pool that is at least 1.5 metres in diameter. The water comes out of the 4 lions masks and from the acorn into the top bowl where it flows down the bowl’s stylised leaves.  It creates a great noise and is a wonderful centrepiece.  The Octagonal Gothic Fountain is perfect for a courtyard or medium sized garden, it can be placed in a small pool or large one to suit the surrounds.  A child with a Dog fountain can either have water shooting out of the top or bubbling up and over an urn placed on the top to suit the pool size.

Prices for medium sized fountains start at €1000 for the stone fountain.

Large Fountains

We can supply a many tiered fountain made up of different components from the Chilstone range.  The Tonbridge Fountain is a beautiful 3 or 4 tiered fountain, ideal for large gardens or entrances.  Water is pumped up through the middle and cascades down over the urns making a wonderful noise.  This fountain needs a pool that is at least 3 metres in diameter and it looks spectacular lit up at night.


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