Stone Garden Urns/Planters

Stone Garden Urns

Chilstone's hand made cast stone urns and planters suit gardens large and small with a mix of classical and contemporary designs. All our pieces are entirely handmade with a finish identical to natural stone that weathers and ages naturally.   After some years it is difficult to tell the difference between natural stone and Chilstone.    

Urns are among the oldest of garden ornaments dating from Greek and Roman times, and for this reason many have classical designs have been copied from an original stone urn.  In landscape design urns have many uses, drawing the eye to a focal point, placed in a small alcove or niche, marking the entrance to a lawn or steps,  a central point for a lawn or terrace and beautifully planted for different seasons.

All of these Urns are available with or without pedestals depending on how and where they are to be situated.

Large Urns

Two of Chilstone's most popular large urns are the Pope's Urn and Longleat Urn - both copied from the 18th Century orginal designs by William Kent. On pedestals these urns stand over 2 metres high and create wonderful focal points, catching the viewers eye and creating engagement with the garden or landscape, perfect for avenues and vistas.  There are other urns in this range, for more info please contact Caroline Pilkington on 044 9661849/086 4517508

Medium Urns

Medium sized Urns can be used in many different spaces and situations.  Many of Chilstone's urns are copied from the originals and can come with or without pedestals to suit the urn.  These urns can stand each side of entrances and steps, can be a centre piece for a small or mediums sized garden or courtyard or can be a focal point in a smaller garden.  They have good planting depth and can be packed with bulbs for the spring and bedding plants in summer.  The Preston Vase with a Somerset Pedestal is one of Chilstone's most popular mediums sized urns. Most of the medium sized urns can also be made as fountains, see

Small Urns

The George IV Tazza and Elizabethan Urns are both classic in design and very versatile to place in any garden.  There is a wide variety of small urns with different styles of pedestals to suit all urns.  Small urns are ideal for placing on walls or to brighten up a dreary area. Many of these urns can also be produced as small fountains.


The difference between an Urn and a planter is an Urn usually has a base with a neck, a bowl as a middle and possibly a lid on the top, whereas a Planter is one element - usually wider and in one piece.  A Jardiniere is a a very ornate and highly decorated planter.  Chilstone have planters and jardinieres in different styles and designs.  One of the most popular is the Octagonal Gothic Jardiniere which is 80cms wide and 67cms high - it has great planting depth so can be used for good horticultural designs,  there are other Gothic troughs and vases to go with this


If you would like any advice or a site visit to discuss what size urn would suit your requirements please contact Caroline Pilkington on 044 9661849/086 4517508.

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