Wedding Temples

The Ionic Temple has become very popular as an outdoor wedding venue.  A perfect size for the Civil Ceremony it provides shelter under the fibreglass, lead lookalike, domed roof for the Registrar’s requirements and perfect viewing for the audience.  Manufactured by Chilstone this temple is also the ideal spot for wedding photos and lit up at night it becomes the romantic backdrop for all newly weds.

Ionic and Doric Temple

Both the Ionic and Doric Temples are ideal as a focal point in a public space or private garden.  They create a beautiful place to sit and admire a view, or to have a picnic.  In some venues they are used for musical gatherings where the musicians or entertainers are protected from the weather by the domed roof.

Garden House/Pavilions

A very simple construction using columns, architrave, cornice and balustrading, with or  without a pediment, can create a place to hide away and enjoy peace and quiet.  It is alluring and draws you in to admire a view or beside a lake.  These are made to suit the size of your space.  For further info see:

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