Stone Columns

We produce a wide array of classical columns that can be adorned with Doric, Corinthian or Ionic capitals.  Of varying heights and sizes most columns are made with a void in the middle for structural reinforcement.  Made by Chilstone these columns can be used for a  variety of structures –  free standing or against walls, circular or square, colonnades or corridors – ideal for growing roses, wysteria and other climbers up.

Most columns are in 3 pieces with a base, full shaft and cap.  Very tall and heavy columns are made with the shaft in 3 pieces for ease of use.  A half column or pilaster can either be a semi round or rectangular in shape, the semi round is solid with the shaft in one piece while the rectangular is also solid but with the shaft in three pieces.


Columns are very versatile and one of the most common uses – apart from porticos, is to create a pergola.  This can be done using four or more columns. 

We have been involved in a number of projects, in the first photo this is a garden in Dublin where 4 columns create a walk through pergola for roses to grow over.  It makes you want to walk through and to explore the far end of the garden. 

In the second photograph in Wicklow, 8 columns are used as an extensive drive through for cars.  They create a division between two areas as well as a walkway to the entrance of the house.  In the third photograph a number of columns creates a wonderful walkway enticing you to walk under the roses. 

The Doric Temple is made up of 5 columns with a architrave and cornice around the top, however this could be done using wood and no roof.

In the Show garden photograph it gives a more contemporary look while the photograph of our stand at Bloom shows a very simple construction that displays the beautiful Persephone statue.

If you would like to discuss construction of a Pergola or other uses for Chilstone’s columns please call Caroline Pilkington on 044 9661849/086 4517508.  To see the full range of columns go here

For prices, advice and information please contact Simonstown Architectural here or for the full range of Chilstone architectural elements  the Fastrack CAD Database

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