Garden Statues

A statue or piece of sculpture can create a focal point in any garden. Two pieces can mark the entrance to an area, or a beautiful statue can be a central point in the middle of a space.  All our statues can be placed on pedestals or plinths depending on the height you require. Chilstone's statues suit gardens large and small with a mix of classical and contemporary designs. Our pieces are entirely handmade with a finish identical to carved stone.

Many of the figurative statues come from Greek or Roman Gods and Goddesses and are copied from the original statue.  These suit both urban and rural gardens.  One of the most popular of these is Persephone who was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, she was abducted to the underworld where she spent 6 months every year returning above ground in Spring.  Flora is a smaller statue and is the Goddess of Garden and Flowers, she is ideal for positioning in a border or amongst shrubs and flowers.  Also available as a fountain.  The original of the Bust of Antonia now resides in the British Museum, she is perfect for courtyard or urban gardens.  Prices for these statues start at €600.

Animal Sculpture

From Lions to Eagles, Doves and dogs Chilstone manufacture a number of animal related sculpture.  The superbly modelled greyhound with fine detailing is often sold in pairs to mark an entrance or for the top of a flight of steps.  A Recumbent Stag is a perfect focal point backed by shrubs and trees, while a small boy standing with a dog is a very charming feature for any garden.   Prices start at €900.

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