A sundial is a beautiful and practical piece of sculpture to form a central or focal point in a small garden, knot garden or as the centre of a vegetable garden.  We sell them in all sizes with classical and contemporary designs.  Handmade by Chilstone in cast stone, the sundial base will weather beautifully to look as though it has been in your garden for many years.

Prices start at €300 including shipping and VAT.

We sell several types of Sundial plates both square and round in different diameters.  Resin plates start at €100 and engraved brass sundial plates at €300.

Ecliptic Armillary Sphere

An Ecliptic Armillary Sphere is a beautiful piece that features the bands of the Solstice, the Tropics, the Equinox, the Equator with mounted Roman numerals to indicate the time. The Ecliptic is marked with the signs of the Zodiac, an arrow gnomon fitted with a central orb to mark the changing of the seasons, and a stanchion displaying the moon.  These are made to order to your own GPS location and can take 6 weeks  for delivery.  Prices start at €900.

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