Time to Spring Clean your Kew Fountain

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April is the perfect month to get your Garden and especially fountains ready for Summer

In our show garden here at Simonstown, we had to replace the lining of the pool for Chilstone’s Kew Fountain.  This meant dismantling the whole fountain to put the new extra strong plastic lining in.  However, we were then able to check all the pipe work within the fountain. We replaced butterfly clips on the hoses, gave the pump’s filter a good clean and generally made sure all was in good working order.  We just have to adjust the pump’s nozzles to get the water coming evenly out of the top and the 4 lions masks on each side. https://simonstownarchitectural.ie/portfolio/fountains

Kew Fountain scrubbed and cleaned with new lining
Chilstone’s Kew Fountain having been scrubbed with scrubbing brush and water, the pump cleaned out and a new lining placed in the pool.

To clean Chilstone fountains, statues, urns, steps or other items it is best to use a good scrubbing brush and plain water.  On more stubborn algae try some washing up liquid – but not on a fountain!  Most people prefer the wonderful weathered look that Chilstone items gain when left in the elements over a period of time.  Chilstone’s secret recipe ensures that the handmade cast stone recreates history and that the normal weathering process attracts mosses and lichens giving the stone item its own sense of history.  Chilstone have been replicating historical garden ornaments for over 65 years from their workshop near Tonbridge Wells, Kent.

Originally from Kew Gardens, the Kew Fountain is the perfect, medium sized, classical fountain that creates a good noise of water.  The water falls from the 5 outlets – one at the top that trickles down over the bowl and the four lions’ masks at each side.  It requires a pool of over 2 metres in diameter to prevent excess loss of water.


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