Grosvenor Planter


The new Grosvenor planter is a sleek sophisticated design.

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Grosvenor Planter

The new Grosvenor planter is a sleek sophisticated design. The smooth sides and smart edge make this planter perfect for traditional and contemporary settings alike. We have also made a trough to co-ordinate with the planters. This fibreglass planter looks stunning in both the faux lead and the antique faux lead finish.


Grosvenor Planters in Faux Lead

Grosvenor 0  width 40cm, depth 40cm, height 40cm              €180

Grosvenor 1  width 50cm, depth 50cm, height 50cm              €258

Grosvenor 2  width 60cm, depth 60cm, height 60cm              €315

Grosvenor 4  width 90cm, depth 90cm, height 90cm              €850

GrosR1         diameter 48cm, height 53cm                              €200


Also available as a Trough in Faux Lead  

Grosvenor 3  width 120cm, depth 30cm, height 50cm            €328

Grosvenor 5  width 140cm, depth 40cm, height 70cm            €674

Groswbox2    width 91cm, depth 23cm, height 23cm              €210


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Grosvenor 0, Grosvenor 1, Grosvenor 2, Grosvenor 4, GrosR1, Grosvenor 3, Grosvenor 5, Groswbox 2


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