Whiskey barrel Water Butts

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I am now back in business with old Whiskey Barrels!

A few oak Whiskey barrels have become available and I hope to have a small steady supply of Whiskey barrel Water Butts for the summer.   An oak barrel Water Butt makes an original feature for any garden and, of course, it is also a very necessary item to catch and conserve the rain water off your roof.

Each barrel can hold 50 gallons (180 litres) of rainwater.  The barrel is fitted with a Rainwater Diverter that can be easily attached to your downpipe (square or round standard sizes).  This comes with an overflow lip so that once the barrel is full the water flows on down the drainpipe and into the drain.   The diverter has a control lever so during the winter it can be left open letting the rain fall straight down in to the drain.


You have a choice between a brass snail tap or a standard brass garden tap.

For more information and prices please contact me.

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