Garden Ornaments

Chilstone specialise in reproducing, with complete accuracy and attention to detail, some of the most beautiful and elegant antique and contemporary garden ornaments and Simonstown are delighted to be their Irish Agent.

Each and every Chilstone ornament is handmade by their craftsmen in reconstituted stone by a special process developed over 60 years to ensure a finished texture virtually indistinguishable from natural stone.

The colour & texture is a close approximation to natural Portland stone and its composition encourages the spontaneous growth of mosses and lichens, which rapidly give it the antiqued appearance of an original. This ensures that each ornament blends in harmoniously with its setting over a period of time.

Chilstone can also be made in a variety of colours,  a colour matching service is available if you require new stone to match existing stonework. Chilstone has a very big collection of ornamental and architectural moulds so if you are looking for something specific please contact us at Simonstown and we can see if we can match it.


  • The dry Chilstone mix is packed by hand into the mould
  • When the mould is removed the item is finished by hand, seam lines and blemishes are removed
  • It must then be allowed to cure for at least a week before it can be shipped
  • It therefore takes 4 – 6 weeks for production and delivery
  • An order is placed on receipt of a 50% deposit
  • The remainder is due prior to shipping
  • Orders either come palletised directly from Chilstone to the client or a collection will be made by ourselves